What are advantages when investing in DHTP?
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- Geographic location:
  • Danang is one of the five largest cities in Vietnam
  • Danang is located in the middle of Vietnam, on one of the seaway and airway routes.
  • Being located on the North-South communication axis of roadway, railway and airway.
  • Being a dynamic city of the Central Vietnam Key Economic Zone.
  • Being the end terminal of the East West Economic Corridor.
  • Being the gateway to the East of the Pacific Ocean.
- Infrastructure:
  • Tien Sa Seaport: The largest port in central Vietnam, one of the main gates to the east sea of the Mekong sub-region, with a road system connecting the port to the airport and railway station. Imported goods arrived in the port, through the National Highway 1A to the North and South, along Highway 14B to the provinces of the Western Highlands and Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. Capacity: 4 million tons per year.
  • Danang International Airport: Danang International Airport: is the largest airport in the Central Vietnam and Western Highlands, Vietnam\'s third largest airport, located in Asian middle-latitude nearby the coast with the ideal flight range. Danang International Airport is 3 km away from the city center with total area: 842 ha, of which the area of ​​civil aviation sector: 150 ha; reserved airport for transit routes from Europe to Asia-Pacific and the Departure - Destination point of around 20 domestic and international flights with over 1,500 passengers per day. Capacity: 6 million passengers per year.
  • Telecommunications: one of the three major centers of post and telecommunications in Viet Nam, located on the international cable, international marine cable station located in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District - serving Danang city and the Western Highlands
  • Water Supply: 4 water plants with a total actual capacity of between 130,000 and 140,000 m3 per day.
  • Power supply: Power supply used for living and production is supplied from the National North-South 500KV line electrical grid with 50 stations.
- Human resources: Danang is one of the three centers of education and training in Vietnam. As of now, Danang has 10 universities and institutes, 15 colleges, 8 vocational schools and over 50 vocational centers. University of Danang (UD) is one of the three regional universities nationwide, train and supply the qualified human resources for the central region and the Western Highlands. 

- Investment environment:

Building E-government project in 2015 with installation of data centers and 12 ICT applications.
Administrative Procedures Reform: Danang portal provides services through many channels: contact the office, SMS, email. Online public services: administrative procedures, legal document search. Issuing investment certificates through "One-stop shop" service.

- Incentive  policies and support services:

+ Incentive policies:
  • 100% off land leasing for projects in infrastucture development, R&D, hi-tech business training and incubation area.
  • 100% off land leasing for residential construction projects in the Hi-Tech Park.
  • No leasing fees for 3-11 years for projects on the list of domains entitled to investment preferences.
  • Leasing prices is most favorable, with flexible payment.
  • New enterprises established from investment projects in DHTP will be applied 10% corporate income tax in the period of 15 years; of which, tax exemption for 4 years from generating taxable income, 50% reduction for the next 9 years.
+ Support services:
  • Offering one-stop service
  • Support for immigration and residence procedure
  • Support for provision and attraction of hi-tech human resources
  • Support for loans obtaining


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