The current investment procedure implementation for the construction of new industrial parks in the city of Da Nang
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In order to realize and implement the planning for industrial parks development in Da Nang to the year of 2030, plus the orientation to 2045 assigned by the Prime Minister and the Politburo in Resolution No. 43- NQ/TW dated 24/01/2019; the socio-economic development direction and local goal to create a legal corridor and a favorable environment for promoting local industrial development, making Da Nang a pioneers in the general development of the whole country where the industry thrives, the investment in construction of new industrial parks (Hoa Cam Industrial Park - Phase 2, Hoa Nhon Industrial Park, Hoa Ninh Industrial Park) is a strategic task for the city in general and the Da Nang Hi-tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority (DHPIZA) in particular in the coming time.

Since from 2019, the DHPIZA has accelerated the coordination with local departments and agencies to complete the formulation, submission for appraisal and approval of the Master Plan TL 1/500, TL 1/2000 for new industrial parks; at the same time, setting orientation for management regulations, focusing on attracting production lines with low environmental impact (toxic levels IV, V), with modern and environmentally friendly technology transfer. General information as following:



Planning Decision no.


Land area


Investment total

(in billions VNĐ)


Hoa Cam IP – phase 2

4100/QĐ-UBND dated 16/9/2019

Hoa Tho Tay Ward, Cam Le district and Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district




Hoa Ninh IP

5383/QĐ-UBND dated 26/11/2019

Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district




Hoa Nhon IP

6009/QĐ-UBND dated 31/12/2019

Hoa Nhon – Hoa Son commune, Hoa Vang district




Until now, the DHPIZA is carrying out the submission procedures to the Prime Minister for approval of the Investment project in construction of new industrial parks; at the same time coordinating with the consulting units to determine the proposed minimum value incurred to the authority budget (m3), submitting for appraisal and approval and preparing for bidding and selection of investors.

Picture 1: New industrial parks border

In addition, the DHPIZA has completed the framework for developers’s capacity and experience requirement and submitted to the competent authorities for appraisal and approval, according to regulations. 

It is expected that speeding up investment procedures and infrastructure business in new industrial parks will help Da Nang attract many potential investors, creating a premise for sustainable development for the city in the coming time; especially in the field of high-tech industry and environmentally-friendly industry.

Mai Xuan Nhat
Investment Management, Promotion and Support Division
Da Nang Hi-tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority



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