Is there any special incentives of Danang city for investors apart from the common incentives stipulated by the Central Government? 22/09/2014

Who will evaluate our project? How much will we have to pay for such evaluation? How long does it take to get the result? 22/09/2014

The transport system from the city center to DHTP for workers in DHTP? 22/09/2014

What are advantages when investing in DHTP? 10/12/2013

Besides land rental fee, what else the investors have to pay during the operation at DHTP? 10/12/2013

Labor cost in Danang? 10/12/2013

How about working time under Viet Nam law? 10/12/2013

Land rental price at DHTP and form of payment? 10/12/2013

The limitation of land area, period of land leasing in DHTP? 10/12/2013

List of high technologies prioritized for investment in DHTP? 10/12/2013


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