Guidance No. 6603/HD-UBND dated Sep 29, 2021 by the Da Nang People’s Committee on entering Da Nang from other COVID-19 controlled areas
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1. Qualifying conditions for individuals to enter Da Nang

- Entering Da Nang from areas (residential groups or villages) with zero community infections in the last 14 days; areas outside of quarantine zones; wards or communes that are not applying Directive 15/CT-TTg dated Mar 27, 2020 or Directive 16/CT-TTg dated Mar 31, 2020 of the Prime Minister; and areas outside of high and very high risk zones as per Decision 2686/QD-BCDQG dated May 31,2021 of the National Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control (for information about your area, visit

- Have a negative SARS-CoV-2 test within 72 hours before entering Da Nang (RT-PCR or quick test).

- Before entering Da Nang, register online for a QR Code which qualifies as a health declaration. If a group of people enter Da Nang together, each individual must register for a QR Code.

2. Procedure

Step 1: Download the Danang Smart City app and select “Đăng ký vào ĐN”/”Register to enter Da Nang” or visit and choose “Người dân khai báo, đăng ký vào TP. Đà Nẵng”/”Declare and register to enter Da Nang” to register, then save or print the QR Code to use when entering Da Nang. You must register and obtain a QR Code before arriving in Da Nang.

You are responsible for accurately declaring your departure address and your arrival address in Da Nang, as well as other personal information in order to be monitored by the People’s Committees of wards or communes. In case your address changes in Da Nang, you must immediately update the information using the above app or website. If you make false declarations which affect the containment of COVID-19, you take full responsibility before the law.

Step 2: At checkpoints at the City’s entrances, airport, railway station, coach station, and seaport, you must present the QR Code, your personal ID, and the negative SARS-CoV-2 test result, then go straight to the address registered in Step 1.

Individuals entering the City must fully comply with COVID-19 prevention measures, especially the Ministry of Health’s 5K measures, and not stop in pandemic-hit areas.

3. Individuals entering the City in accordance with Plan No.168/KH-UBND dated September 25, 2021 by the Da Nang People’s Committee must comply with this Guidance.

4. Those entering Da Nang for medical emergencies shall follow the instructions from the Department of Health.

5. Transport vehicles operating along the national “green line” when entering Da Nang must still follow Note 5688/UBND-DTDT dated September 3, 2021 by Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee.

This Guidance is effective from 8:00 September 30, 2021 until further notice.


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